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(Image by Bruce and Kenneth Zuckerman and Marilyn J.Lundberg, West Semitic Research, courtesy of Museum of the Bible) A Bedouin shepherd hears pottery break as he throws stones into a cave while searching for lost sheep among arid cliffs abutting the Dead Sea.The Museum of the Bible, set to open this November in Washington, DC, is foremost among those collectors who have been “duped,” to the tune of millions of dollars, scholars say.A series of recent articles in respected academic journals calls into question the authenticity of at least half a dozen in its trove of tiny scroll fragments.This story is the Gospel of Jesus Wife [a high-profile modern forgery using antique papyrus] saga, times 70.'” This September 5, 2012, file photo shows a fragment of papyrus that divinity professor Karen L.King said is the only existing ancient text that quotes Jesus explicitly referring to having a wife. King, File) In the past, carbon dating the leather parchment would have been a sure way to test for authenticity.

The Museum of the Bible collection includes three more fragments whose origin and content have not yet been published.) In conversation with The Times of Israel, Davis said while he is convinced that six of the fragments are forgeries, “that number could be higher.Unfortunately, it’s always the Bedouin,” which removes provenance information for authentic scrolls and opens up the door to forgeries.Father Roland Guérin de Vaux, the Dominican priest who led the initial excavations and acquisitions of the Dead Seas Scrolls (DSS), told colleagues and wrote in his journals about efforts to weed out early forgeries ahead of purchase.However, because it is suspected that many of these “new” fragments use ancient 2,000-year-old leather as their “slate,” old stand-by technology is insufficient. Ancient material can and almost certainly has been manipulated in modern times,” said Davis.With carbon dating off the table, international scholars are turning to new, noninvasive testing for proving — or disproving — the authenticity of the “dubious” fragments in private collections. The path from the greatest discovery of the 20th century to forgeries on the antiquities markets was direct.

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There are people out there that think that all 13 of the fragments are fake.

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