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Read one of the best books on getting over a breakup Getting Past Your Breakup: How to Turn a Devastating Loss into the Best Thing That Ever Happened to You 24. Volunteer for cause you believe in (this really helped me feel good about myself) 30. I’ve been getting a lot of letters lately from folks who’ve just had their hearts stomped on.Maybe it’s just the season for it or there’s something in the air at the moment, but the number of “I’ve just gotten dumped, how do I get over it? Clean the trash out of the car, wipe down that dusty dashboard. If you don’t have anywhere to plant them outdoors, plant them in a pot indoors instead. Go to your nearest hiking trail and go for a hike 15. Create a comic book (where your Ex can have any face you want! There’s a part of you that, irrationally, hopes that if you can just make the pain go away, then the triggering event will have never occurred and you’ll magically go back to being the person you were that morning/yesterday/last week/whatever. All that numbing yourself is doing is ensuring that you’re going to tear the bandage off painful in the long-run. Another common mistake is to try to repress that come with a breakup in a mistaken desire to “be a grown-up” or “be mature” about it.

Small wonder that a relationship that lasted barely six months took me to recover from and left some unpleasant scars to go with it.I realized that if my mind was not occupied (with things that didn’t include my ex! ), it got busy pulling me further down the depths of despair! I’ve seen this happen many times with other people as well – they’re determined to make some point about being mature or adult or reasonable and try to pretend that the obvious isn’t true.Here’s the thing that can be hard to admit: it’s you’re mad!

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