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NET/Windows async_call_method = Smart Thread Pool ; There are several operations on large collections (such as ; the current avatar list) that can be run synchronously or ; in parallel. Linden UDP.dll" ; ## ; ## REGIONS ; ## ; Determine where Open Simulator looks for the files which tell it which regions to server ; Defaults to "filesystem" if this setting isn't present region_info_source = "filesystem" ; region_info_source = "web" ; Determines where the region XML files are stored if you are loading these from the filesystem.

Running in parallel should increase performance ; on a multi-core system, but will make debugging more ; difficult if something deadlocks or times out use_async_when_possible = false ; Max threads to allocate on the Fire And Forget thread pool ; when running with the Smart Thread Pool option above Max Pool Threads = 15 ; ## ; ## CLIENTS ; ## ; Enables Event Queue Get Service. ; Defaults to bin/Regions in your Open Simulator installation directory ; regionload_regionsdir="C:\somewhere\xmlfiles\" ; Determines the page from which regions xml is retrieved if you are loading these from the web ; The XML here has the same format as it does on the filesystem (including the tag.

I cannot see other regions from Flux if I teleport directly to it. And when I try to walk out of it or teleport to those regions, the transfer fails.

And the description tag and icons from the last region I was in persist when I teleport into flux. (probably because it thinks I'm still in libsa plaza)...

Draw Prim On Map Tile = true ; Use terrain texture for maptiles if true, use shaded green if false Texture On Map Tile = true ; Maximum total size, and maximum size where a prim can be physical Non Physical Prim Max = 256 Physical Prim Max = 10 ; (I think this was moved to the Regions.ini! Trust Binaries = false ; How many prims to send to each avatar in the scene on each Update() Max Prims Per Frame = 200 ; Combine all contiguous regions into one large region ; Order your regions from South to North, West to East in your and then set this to true ; Warning!

) Clamp Prim Size = false ; Region crossing Allow Script Crossing = false ; If you set this to "true", any region that can teleport to you can ; inject ARBITRARY BINARY CODE into your system. Don't use this with regions that have existing content!

Networking is ; already separated from packet handling with a queue, so this will only ; affect whether networking internals such as packet decoding and ; acknowledgement accounting are done synchronously or asynchronously ; ;async_packet_handling = false ; The client socket receive buffer size determines how many ; incoming requests we can process; the default on .

NET is 8192 ; which is about 2 4k-sized UDP datagrams.

; ; client_socket_rcvbuf_size allows you to specify the receive ; buffer size LLUDPServer should use.The following control that behaviour to ; prevent frequently changing objects from heavily loading the region data store.; If both of these values are set to zero then persistence of all changed objects will happen on every sweep.This will override ; the user's viewer preference settings.The default value is 0, meaning no ; aggregate throttling on clients (only per-category throttling).

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