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Frustrated and bored of that one aspect dragging on. Excellent show, this sequel Mystery Queen 2 is worth waiting for. The cake lady is probably Jung Jiwon sister(the lady who supposed to get married to Ha Wan Seung) since they both share same surnames. But I mainly enjoy this drama for it is about goodness, truth and justice.

The first Mystery Queen and Mystery Queen 2 have excellent casts, and we look forward to each episode as they come in. looks like his charactger is really important for the main case on this drama. interesting story and make me curious abt the next ep??? I congratulate its author (and writers) and I´m looking forward to watch the next episodes!!

I'm still watching season 2, ep.13, but can't wait for another season. Not focusing on the story development here, to some it is good, to others it is not, I just want to say Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Gang Hee's chemistry is perfect! Either way I'm sold I loooooooove seol ok and wan seung chemistry. I'm really disappointed as Season 1 was much better.

Cases were resolved quicker and they were more realistic.

there were a lot of flirty scenes as well, but not as obvious bc she was still someone else's wife.

When it aired, I follow every episode until episode 13 and stop, I decided to delay the rest episodes til it finished.

^^ I am a fan of Qo M 1 and of course I have high expectation on Qo M season 2.

By the way, i knew who was Secretary Kim the first time i saw him/her (i don't want to spoil) It was not Mi joo’s house but the boyfriends study room that the criminal broke into and set up the boyfriend. I wish if there will be a season 3, the writer will keep the cast (including Min Sungwook and Dong Ha, obviously) and the editors could do better job with cutting the scenes. I enjoyed this drama so action, investigation and comedy..i'm hooked.please please please have season 3..i hope they maintain mr gye, officer woo, mr hwang and kyung mi character too..they're so funny and make the storyline more interesting...

So glad to see her in this second series playing a little different part. And WHY Shi-Hwan wanted to take a revenge of her death and wanted to kill the culprit but he run away to save his life when he had chance to meet the culprit's helper??? ❤❤❤ we laugh a lot and thrill dsame time...better than queen of mystery1 ,,lots of new character involve and there is a twist ,i ddnt even expected about "secretary Kim"i have no idea at all ..good job excelent drama one of my fav It can't get any worse than this 15 episodes playing around then Boom everything solved in one episode, the silliest most broken completely illogical story-line.

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