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The blur (aka bokeh) increases with distance while the Yui's boobs and smile are sharp as they should be.

Too many amateurs don't even know how to create such a warm and sensous feeling to a moody picture and they mess is up with imperfect photoshop skills.

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Long legs, no fat and the cutest face one might imagine.Well, we have have to forgive them since nulled computer programs are much cheaper than good lenses. Asian girls with high heels are stunning, but when they wear them outdoors it's a bit tough for them.Why not undress and lift those sexy legs and high heels up in the air for some Chinese pussy exposure?You may have seen Irene Fah on some Thai wesbites like Thai Cuties and 88Square. This is one of her very first nude shoots in Hong Kong. The genuinly, spontanous shots from the jungle area on Subic Beach are much hotter. Shooting nudes on public playgrounds is a serious misdemeanor in many cuntries and cities. Public nudity shootings are conducted during early morning hours on Sundays or Holidays, normally. The lights are great during this time of the day in summer.Yes, people first thought she was a sexy Chinese model, but in reality she is a genuine Bangkok big city model. Appeciation for detail has always been best rewarded by high grade amateur photography depicting nudity in it's most natural way. Models and photographers are taken to their location by van.

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With a little charme it should be possible to lick her fashion vagina before she takes a cold shower below water falls. That's one rather tame scenes from Open aperture settings are a preferred method of sophisticated photographers to blend out background and insignificant objects from a portrait or full body image.

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