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It was a six inch dildo, fairly modest in girth, nowhere near as insane as her other dildos. When Dan made his way back to the living room his mother was sitting on the couch, her feet curled up beneath her, sipping on hot chocolate. She, again, kept it normal up until the end of the massage. While his mother ran her fingers through his hair again he heard her phone ring in her bedroom. A moment later Dan heard the phone beep, indicating a voicemail. He watched her leave the room, downed his now lukewarm chocolate, and sat on the couch. "I have some very good news to share with you." "Um, ok?Stephanie bought it for the sole purpose of pretending the flesh-colored toy was Dan's penis. "There should be some firewood around back," Stephanie said. You want me to build a fire." "And join me on the couch. "Ok, give me a few and I'll get one going for you," Dan said. You and I will be inseparable until your sisters get here." "Ah I see. I'll just do it more discreetly." "You are silly, you know that? She brought his head back in her lap, bent down, and kissed his lips several times. " Stephanie removed her hands, standing in front of her son in her bikini.Dan was picking his mother up in the morning, driving a few hours north to the cabin; Stephanie's daughters would drive up that evening after work. It's ok," Stephanie smiled, grabbing her coat, walking out the front door. They had about an hour before they arrived at the cabin and he wanted to make sure he didn't make a wrong turn on the back-country roads. Well I think it sounds romantic," Stephanie pouted, looking out the window. Stephanie figured she and Dan would have about six hours alone, including time alone in the car. She only packed toiletry items, a couple sweaters and jeans, and a bikini for the hot tub. Dan shrugged, making his way to his vehicle, while his mother locked her door.

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Unsure of what to think of the incestuous event she secretly witnessed. Dan shook his head, continuing their northwestern drive into North Dakota.

As the months passed, she looked at her own son, Dan, differently. "Ok Mom," he replied, hoping she'd change the subject.

She always thought he looked incredible, always thought about flirting playfully with him, but taking inspiration of sorts from Diane, Stephanie couldn't help but think of him as a grown man with sexual needs. She pretended Dan would join her in a bubble bath, the shower, her bed, holding her from behind, feeling an erection against her back. "Maybe you could let your mother mend your broken heart," She whispered. "We're going to have a wonderful time, trust me," Stephanie said, squeezing his hand. When her daughters Carrie and Vanessa arrived, with Vanessa's husband, she knew they would all laugh, eat, and enjoy each other's company.

Then Stephanie rubbed her clit to her fantasies for the first time two months after seeing Diane and Elliot. The taboo, naughty fantasy sent her over the edge quicker than sex with any man. Dan glanced at her smiling face, doing a double take. Carrie was going through a divorce, and seemed more miserable than she was when she was married. Pretend I'm a much nicer girl than Alice and I'm treating you much better than she ever did," Stephanie said. "I'll kiss you once more and then you gotta lay off.

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  1. Thankfully, I had already made good progress and could spare a little time for a well-deserved break. Every book, magazine or other piece of writing in the house had been in my hands at least two times. When mom thought she was alone again, I saw her tuck this small bundle away in one of the boxes with junk. ” she asked sarcastically, holding up a dog-eared booklet with big golden letters embossed on a faded pink front, clearly spelling the words ‘My Diary’. By the time our parents returned and mom called us for dinner, she was already halfway the first volume. I told her to forget about it, but of course she didn’t.