Meanwhile, in reality: The more liberal women are, the lower birthrates they have.

But sure, they can keep living in that fantasy of theirs, posting these fake stories that have never happened and never will.

Opression Olympics on a new level - who can have the most unfortunate gay transgenderfluid-kin mudskins for a child with a couple of disabilities or two.

Nothing shows up these stupid conservatives harder than when we unleash on the world more disadvantage! this is really bad advice if you arent already rich thoughlike sure brad and angelina can pull it off with 19 aids children but theyre very wealthy.

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Nøgleord poldanoor indtastes 16 gange mnedlig til danske sgemaskiner.

As you repeatedly go through one of these games with your different romantic focuses each loop through you'll notice that things in the story can change pretty drastically after a designated turning point, depending on how that particular sim is laid out.It's working out really well for me so if conspiracy theories aren't fulfilling you I strongly recommend just being a decent person.The shitposting and memery will continue until you learn that hatred is as important to the world as love is.Nøgleordet polderabend findes som ét unik ord eller stning ud af 3.024.642 unikke ngleord indtastet af brugere.Vidste du at ejendom indtastes nsten liges mange gange som hus.

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And they're all going to have terrible complexes because of their shit parents and pack of mongrel siblings.

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