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I clicked on Season 1 Episode 1 to check it out, I really wanted to like it.The couples were cute, and I could see the love there, but it seemed like the show was focused all on sex.

It is the same masked masquerade erotic party action that each episode ends with - a lot of people hanging around in semi-darkness just watching trying to figure out what to do or not do anything at all.Showtime is an Amercian broadcasting pay TV network.They airs Television Series, Movies, and Other Special Programs unedited and commercial-free.This docuseries goes inside SNCTM and shows you what some consider taboo but what secretly most people desire and how living 2 lives comes at a price. I guess Showtime put it in that category more because most of the main "action" scenes are shot in low light rather than due to actual adult content which, while there is quite a bit of (especially female full frontal, and as is consistent with the current standards of hypocrisy, no male full frontal), the adult content is not in any way more explicit or shocking than any of the famous yet more "regular" cable shows.The show runs one season only and has eight 30-min episodes. Snctum is an LA-based high-end Sex Club that creates sensual erotic black-tie masquerade party erotic experiences for so-called "elite" members who are willing to pony up many 1000's of dollars for a dip into this ..........forbidden pool ....?? In between there is also the expected backstory about the founder trying to reconnect and make good with his family about the whole thing - an attempt to add some genuine emotional drama to the whole thing - but not sure if anyone is buying that including his own family, who obviously seems to be pushing back on this as a long-term life-strategy ....?

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