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I’m a married woman from Texas–maybe Australia and Texas are the only places where people still have common sense and women are attracted to confident men!

The feminist culture is doing so much harm to both genders, so I’m thankful for guys like you not backing down when faced with overwhelming criticism.

We pioneered the electric light, LEDs and are now leading the way in intelligent lighting systems.

By leveraging the Internet of Things, we are transforming homes, buildings and cities.

I wonder if anyone else got tired of watching young kids portrayed on screen as smarter than adults?

Frankly, I got sick of it watching thousands of movies in the '90s.

Please know that for every person who criticizes you, there are hundreds who support you but just don’t speak up.

The insecure, hateful people only sit at their keyboards and anonymously hate you because they have nothing better to do (like a day job), and it makes them feel better about their pathetic selves to try and destroy someone else–especially someone who stands against their perfect little false reality where there are no genders at all. Obviously your audience isn’t made up of creepers and rapists, and anyone with half a brain will know that you aren’t encouraging negative behavior. J Foley”“In the wake of all the buzzfeed and Twitter attention, I wanted to give my support for what you do.

No wonder people in Hollywood over the ages can't get marriage right!

S Lytle”“Hey Dan, Ben and Stu, You guys have my support.

Buzzfeed are one of the many prime examples of what is wrong with today’s media.

It's stupid; it's annoying and it's wrong and it's another anti-family message that Hollywood loved to promote during this era. Combine that with the always-annoying Meg Ryan, who has yet to make a good movie, and you have an extremely overrated film in "Sleepless In Seattle.

I was not shocked to find out Nora Ephron was a big contributor to this movie, directing it and helping to write the screenplay.

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