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In the new edition there are about 2,500 references to 455 works.All of these references, with the exception of about 45, have been compared with the originals.Each chapter has been carefully gone through for the purpose of removing defects of expression and with a view to condensation.By erasing superfluous words and phrases, I have reduced the text to the extent of forty pages, notwithstanding the incorporation here and there of a further illustration.

Even though scouts were approaching her for representation at 13, she waited to start modeling officially until 16, when she was more mature.There was a small proportion of verbal errors, among which were instances of facts quoted with respect to particular tribes which the original authority had asserted generally of the whole cluster of tribes—facts, therefore, more widely true than you had alleged.The only instances I can recall of changes affecting the value of the statements as evidence were (1) in a passage from the originally taken from an inferior translation; (2) the deletion of the reference (on p.In an article on this volume in its first edition, published in the for February 21st, 1877, it was said that the doctrine propounded in Part I, in opposition to that of the comparative mythologists, “will shortly be taken up, as we understand, by persons specially competent in that department.” When there were at length, in 1878, announced Prof.Max Müller’s to see a reply would at last be gratified.

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