Rappers dating white girls

She has come to represent something far bigger than just the human I see before me.

And like Silverstone’s character, they all seemed, at the date of transgression, wholeheartedly clueless.

They were, apparently, totally unaware of their own behavior and its ideological underpinnings.

In a GQ profile published on Thursday, writer Eve Barlow delves into the latest of Azalea’s “continued, thwarted attempts at a comeback.” Citing the arguments around her accent and posturing and her failure to respond to legitimate criticisms by rap luminaries like Q-Tip, the writer states, boldly, “If her career is ever to recover (a question looming heavily in the air), she first owes America an apology.

Whether she likes it or not, the most useful prototypes for Bregoli are Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea.

In 2011, Kreayshawn released a song called “Gucci Gucci,” and while it earned her a record deal and several million views on You Tube, the video was heavily criticized for Kreayshawn’s “black” garb, including doorknocker earrings, and she ended up retiring from rapping.

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