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Hendricks said this is another case similar to "The National Anthem," in which the social commentary on politics often favoring entertainment over substance is much stronger than the technology predictions.However, it is a fairly common technique to map human behaviors to an avatar.The episode, which first surfaced online last year, features Yvette, 49, Karl Beattie, 51, and Stuart Torevell, 44, going through a corridor.Suddenly, at the far end of the area under what appears to be an archway a spooky figure lingers.

The hugely popular investigative documentary series has watched host Yvette and her dedicated team of hunters trekking around the country as well as Europe and the US for over a decade.The shadowy spectre appears to be translucent as it dissipates and takes shape once again.While Karl and Stuart are more concerned with setting up their equipment, Stuart suddenly sees the figure.“What’s that?” he asks in excitement before checking if Karl can see it too.Unsure, the ghost-hunter merely shouts: “Go for it, go go!

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