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At a.m., a doctor finally came in to let her know that the surgery had been successful.

"You know, I walked out and I was like, ' I'm still Robin Quivers no matter how I look.'" At one point, she claims, she ventured out in Manhattan looking so rough that homeless guys didn't bother asking her for money.

Also, she no longer had a uterus.16 People in Howard Stern's Universe, From Robin Quivers to Crackhead Bob"I'm like a tranny now! ' He was not in a laughing mood about the realities of what was going on."Quivers had no idea she was sick until 10 days earlier, when she had rushed to the doctor with an alarming symptom: She suddenly found herself unable to urinate.

" was Quivers' first thought, an idea she found sufficiently hilarious to share with Stern on the phone. The problem, she learned, was a cancerous mass pressing on her bladder.

Until now, she didn't have enough of her own hair to attach it, and she wasn't ready to glue a wig to her head.

She's expertly painted on eyebrows and applied "deep, dark mascara" to conceal the fact that she has no eyelashes.

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