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You know, those guys who, on arriving in any room, can simultaneously make every female heart flutter, and who collect phone numbers like I once collected episodes of The Late Show recorded onto VHS.

I know I’m not the only one who has struggled with dating, not least thanks to this article in the paper this week about George B.

That awkward divide between laughing with and at somebody is one that Stephen Merchant explores in his new HBO comedy series Hello Ladies, which is screening on Foxtel.

As co-creator of The Office with Ricky Gervais, drawing humour from agonising social awkwardness is familiar ground for him, but I have to say that at least half of my laughs came from embarrassing recognition rather than the script.

Back in String Christine tweeted about the "safest man beforehand" and doing "funny is hot.

Maybe if I could have afforded a convertible as nice as his.Asking a mutual friend whether someone’s been talking about you and refusing to take their gentle hints that you should give up, because they’re out of your league? Finding yourself buying drinks for everybody instead of just the person you’re interested in? And retaining impossibly high standards even when there was no chance of getting anywhere?Story of — well, a large part of my life, at least.As for beta males — as awful as we can be, Green makes a compelling case for dating us.Apparently we “make better long-term partners due to [our] caring nature and increased capacity for empathy”.

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