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It’s arguably our most discussed sketch video, and the requests for the uncensored version come regularly (it was only ever shown in it’s uncensored form once at Fort Fest 2010).

As you can imagine, the Scooby Don’ts at the PRS weren’t too fond of the clip.

Tour Director Mark Anderson said about 50 fans — eager to tell their stories — approach the team at each stop.

“They’ve gotten some amazing stories,” Anderson said.

Ryan Buell formed a paranormal investigation club as a student at Penn State and today he’s touring the country, gathering tales of the unknown for his own TV show. Instead of just an ad campaign, we’re getting out there and meeting people.” He started the team when he was just 19 years old.

Buell, director of the Paranormal Research Society and star of the A&E TV series “Paranormal State,” visited the Locust Walk area of the University of Pennsylvania Thursday as a part of the Paranormal State Tour. 30 in San Francisco, and hit 10 cities before the last stop on Friday in New York City.“We’ve heard a few good stories,” Buell said. “PRS has been together since 2001, so when the show came along, we told them ‘this is what we do, but you can come along for the ride,’” he said.

Lexi's POVRyan woke me up late last night and told me Sergey saw us sleeping naked together.

The jester had become the joke, and in his quiet shame, he demanded a platform to defend his performance. With that said, we invite you to witness Nick Foust reprise his role as Sergey Poberezhny, viewing Nick Foust portraying Sergey Poberezhny, while talking to me as Ryan Buell, and swearing, as Nick Foust, at a fifteen year old girl who dissed him on the internet.No he's not Apparantly he and Elizabeth Berg eloped a couple days ago... idk if that's true though because on twitter he posted a tweet about being "Just Married" then a post or two later he said someone just told me,apparantly,we didn't get married....... “The show kind of built up around us.”PRS Managing Director Sergey Poberezhny said he has heard many interesting stories along the way.“We referred a few to investigative teams who are closer to where they live, and have gotten some information from some people to possibly revisit them,” he said.

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Here's what he said about it: This shot was taken by Sergey Poberezhny.

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