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1622 Mentioned as a Prelate of the Realm (Reichsprälatin).

Her sister, Maria Clara, was Princess-Abbess of Essen (1614-44) and another sister, Anna Genvra, was Abbess of Sonnenberg (1622-52).

She was catholic and reintroduced Catholicism to the Chapter.

She was daughter of Count Willem van Berg-s’Heerenberg and Maria van Oranje-Nassau, and lived (1581-1616).

Katharina Praxedis von Perckhausen of Obermünster in Regensburg (Germany)The chapter became an immediate realm in 833 and the abbess held the rank of a Princess of the Holy Roman Realm and reigned over the canonesses in the chapter and the subjects in the territories belonging to the chapter, which held a seat and vote in the Diet of the Realm and on the Bavarian Landtag.

In ecclesiastical affairs she was subject to the Prince Bishop of Regensburg and in secular affairs she was obliged to consult the canonesses, so she was not a absolute ruler.

By the favour of the king, she was invested with almost royal prerogatives, and exercised an unlimited secular authority over more than 60 villages.

Like Bishops, she held her own courts, in civil and criminal cases, granted letters dismissorial for ordination, and issued licenses authorizing priests, within the limits of her abbatial jurisdiction, to hear confessions, to preach, and to engage in the cure of souls.

Katharina II von Spaur-Pflaum und Valör of Buchau (Germany)The Baroness (Freiin) was in dispute with the bishop on Konstanz and the College of Counts, defending her own position and travelled to Vienna to discuss her affairs with the emperor, and during the Thirty Years War, she was able to keep the territory out of trouble – not the least because of the connections with her brother, Dominikus Virgil, who was Colonel in the Army of the League and Erbschenk and Governor of Tirol.

Anna lived (1551-1631).1604-08 Reigning Abbess-General Francisca de Villamízar Cabeza de Vac of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria la Real de Las Huelgas in Burgos (Spain)Member of a family of explorers of the new world and governors in South America.

of Breisig, Huckard and Rellinghausen (Germany)Her election to the post of abbess took place under dubious circumstances.

Katharina was daughter of Leo Freiherr von Spaur, Pfaum und Valör (or Valier) and Juliane Barbara, Countess Federici, and lived (1580-1650).1610-17 Princess-Abbess Dorothea von Sachsen of Quedlinburg (Germany) 1615 she started printing her own coins.

Daughter of Kurfürst Christian I von Sachsen and Margravine Sophia von Brandenburg, and lived (1591-1617).

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