San diego speed dating over 50

Jacobs, USC and MIT alumnus Andrew Viterbi, Harvey White, Adelia Coffman, Andrew Cohen, Klein Gilhousen and Franklin Antonio.Jacobs and Viterbi had previously founded Linkabit.Executive management knew this was coming, so they came up with a plan to retain its employees.

The license streams from the patents on these inventions, and related products, are a major component of Qualcomm's business.This work began as a study contract from Air Touch which had a shortage of cellular capacity in Los Angeles.Two years later, Qualcomm began to manufacture CDMA cell phones, base stations and chips.The acquisition associated a widely used email client with a company that was little-known at the time.In 1999, Qualcomm sold its base station business to Ericsson, and later, sold its cell phone manufacturing business to Kyocera.

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