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“Pervert” an outdated, unscientific, overgeneralized, biased, and therefore meaningless term.It’s a colloquial term that is avoided by professionals because it imparts a value judgment that is often fallacious, like the term “queer” was for used for “homosexual”.I know the APA stands by an extremely distorted definition that ranges up to age 14 and conspicuously/suspiciously omits any mention or definition for ephebophilia (not even ephebophilia reaches up to age 14, so inclusion of that definition would alert the public that psychologists don’t consider such attraction abnormal!), but the APA definition is extremely scientifically inaccurate, and remember that the APA is the same association that told us for decades that homosexuality was a type of mental illness.

The point of my remark had more to do with the notion that the program referred to in the linked article linked was in Spanish, and therefore limited to a certain segment of the population—a fact not disclosed in the original posting.

What’s truly ironic and bizarre is that as I write this in a Starbucks, there is a huge gay pride celebration going on immediately across the street this weekend, two men were just holding hands in front of me even as I wrote this, yet a heterosexual who dared hold hands with an 17-year-old female in this Starbucks might well be arrested.

Talk about the tables having turned on heterosexuals!

Ohio (1964) concerning obscenity (and protected speech) “I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description, but I know it when I see it.” Regardless of the terminology, I think that most people don’t want children being exposed to “bad people” even if their intent is only to take photos of them without actually having sex.

I agree with some of your political views on the topic.

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For example, if the word “order” is mentioned to an ALICE clone, “Are you out of order? ” the next response is, “What is your credit card number?

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