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Access the 10 business-limiting SEO mistakes This article is aimed at helping you make better-informed decisions about the running of your search marketing and making the business case by modelling the returns from Search Engine Marketing if you're using a search gap analysis to put a quantitative estimate to the returns.Questions we answer in this article include: And more!Moz have a great interactive SERP feature graph that allows you to select SERP features that are important to you and see the percentage of queries that shows that particular feature.

The internet is moving at a much faster pace and it is important to keep up in order to keep your content seen.Moz's SERP feature graph is great for constantly checking changes in Google SERPs.This parallels with the increasing importance of switching sites to HTTPS - Google announced that security is an important issue to them and that sites with HTTPS would be a signal to Google ranking algorithm.The graph below from com Score's global mobile report shows the share of total UK minutes by industry on mobile and desktop.Health, news and media, games and social media have the largest mobile minute share in the UK, whereas travel, finance, B2B and portals have the highest desktop minutes.

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According to Net Market Share the global marketing share percentage, in terms of the use of Search Engines heavily favoured Google throughout 2017 - averaging a net share of 74.54%.

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