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#5) “I’ll bareback, but only if you know you’re undetectable.” Again, stop depending on poz people to take precautions for you. Maintaining your sexual health is up to you — no one else.

According to a Centers for Disease and Control report, only 36 percent of HIV-positive people under the age of 34 have managed to lower their viral loads to undetectable levels. Taking control of playing safe adds to your sex appeal, while saying stupid things like this does not.

Third, many poz people don’t lead with the fact that they’re HIV-positive for one reason, and one reason only: stigma.

If there weren't stigma around being positive, people would feel free to disclose earlier, but questions like this reiterate that being openly HIV-positive opens people up to being stigmatized. They come out to every person they date There is no hidden agenda.

It's just as easy to type “neg” as it is to type “poz” in your dating profile, so tossing someone aside because of their status doesn’t make sex risk-free.

The subliminal message is “we could have had fun but I have zero interest now.There are some things you usually wouldn’t be able to guess about a person just by looking at them.Their star sign, what their favourite musician is, if they are vegetarian … However, a new study had said there are tell-tale signs to look out for when it comes to judging a man’s sex drive from his appearance alone.It's no coincidence that the terms "unclean" and "untouchable" are used both in caste systems and employed to denigrate HIV-people.They reinforce social hierarchies, where the privileged remain "clean" by avoiding intermingling with the "dirty" people (these were also ideas used to subjugate people of color).

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You have no idea what he’s going through or how hard it is emotionally to disclose this.

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