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It was there that Pirro, 66, was pulled over for speeding on Sunday, with an officer clocking her at 119mph in a 65mph zone.Pirro said she had no idea she was even going that fast and had been on her way upstate to visit her ailing mother.Judge Jeaine Pirro filled in for Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News program on Wednesday, where she had a bit of an on-air flub.The former district attorney was coming back from break when, not realizing the camera was already on her, she could be seen laying into an individual on set, saying: 'You know, you're pissing me off.'Pirro then seamlessly transitioned into her next segment with a bit of a smirk on her face, making it unclear whether her comment was in jest or if the off-camera recipient of that remark was in fact upsetting the guest host.

This page provides information about Self Help and Legal Research resources in Pennsylvania.

The Sexual Assault Resource and Counseling Center provides information, a 24-hour support line, counseling, court accompaniment, and other services for victims of sexual assault in Lebanon and Schuylkill Counties.

View information about the 17th Judicial District Treatment Court in Snyder and Union Counties, which can set up treatment and community service in lieu of incarceration for some DUI offenders and other offenders with substance abuse problems.

North Penn Legal Services offers free online information about legal issues including child support, custody, family law, consumer, housing discrimination, landlord-tenant, employment, and more.

Links to self-help information and videos are included.

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