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However, in January 2011, a Network Ten spokesperson told SX News that Mason's role would be expanded from April and he and Chris will get more screen time.Chris will be seen taking on "issues that every gay teenager does." On becoming a regular cast member, Mason told Channel 5, "I love it.And because the guy wasn't pointing his remarks directly at Chris, Lucas didn't understand why Chris was so offended.At first, he didn't have an appreciation of how deep those comments hurt Chris." The storyline divided the opinions of viewers with some understanding why Lucas would not want to confront Warren, while others were on Chris's side.Christos "Chris" Pappas is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by James Mason.Mason was told the character was gay when he successfully auditioned for the role in 2009.Chris was a high school student who befriended the soap's other teens.

Executive producer Susan Bower said the character's storyline was created because of requests from young viewers in the Neighbours website's online forums.He was the second ongoing homosexual character overall, following Lana Crawford's (Bridget Neval) introduction in 2004.Chris departed on 27 March 2015, but made a cameo appearance on 6 November.The storyline has also been based on the real life experiences of the show's writers.Chris was the first prominent, ongoing male homosexual character in the show's twenty-five-year history.

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The more time I spend on Neighbours, the more I feel part of the show. The thing about this industry is it's very hard to find stable work, so to have stability, I'm extremely grateful." Summer initially takes the news well and plays it down, but when fellow student Natasha Williams (Valentina Novakovic) discovers that one of her classmates is gay, she goes out of her way to find out who it is and expose them.

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