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“We all want a ‘partner for life,’” Carmen from New York City wrote, “but the reality is that most of us wander into the emotional wasteland that is marriage only to find we’ve never been so alone.”MCS, a single New York man, commented: “Most of my married friends don’t have much of a sex life.

They usually don't take dating seriously - I mean most men in 20s and 30s.This group is for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.This group is also for members in the New York Tri-State area.Many of the nearly 900 readers responding to the article about midlife men panicking because they hadn’t found “the one” expressed relief at seeing the shoe on the other foot.“Finally,” Jane from New York wrote.“The guys are getting the same treatment from the Media that women have been getting for generations: ‘hurry up and get married before you’re too old and nobody wants you.’”She added: “My take is that you get out of life what you really want, even if you think you don’t want it.

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