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Brian Fagioli shares a report from Beta News: With Cortana's in-context assistance, it's easier to keep your conversations going by having Cortana suggest useful information based on your chat, like restaurant options or movie reviews. Cortana also suggests smart replies, allowing you to respond to any message quickly and easily -- without typing a thing," says The Skype Team.The team further says, "Cortana can also help you organize your day -- no need to leave your conversations.AMP v Persons Unknown was heard in the High Court late last year - and is a fascinating and subtle case.The claimant, AMP, had reported a phone as stolen, then learned that private photographs taken for her boyfriend were being distributed on Facebook.The case involved an anonymous student, known for the purposes of the case as "AMP", whose photographs were distributed by P2P software after her mobile phone was lost or stolen.

" I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind..." declared John Perry Barlow in 1995, "You have no sovereignty where we gather...Talking about secret business plans with a colleague? Don't misunderstand -- I am not saying Microsoft has malicious intent by adding Cortana to Skype; the company could have good intentions. Microsoft could use Cortana's analysis to spy on you for things like advertising or worse, and that stinks.Is it really worth the risk to have smart replies and suggested calendar entries?In order for this magical "in-context" technology to work, Cortana is constantly reading your private conversations.If you use Skype on mobile to discuss private matters with your friends or family, Cortana is constantly analyzing what you type.

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