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The Court considered that the Captain had committed an error of judgment, but returned to him his certificate. He also believed that help should have been sought from Anguilla, (Leeward islands, Lesser Antilles), a closer & British possession, rather than from St. Leverten, a tug, attended the scene with Borgwald aboard, but could no nothing. Broome, Nautical Assessor, states that in his view Captain Oppen had committed 'culpable carelessness' in neglecting to take soundings & in permitting the vessel to approach Dog Island, which is, per the sailing directions, 'to be approached with great care at night'. The webmaster has a few editions of Lloyd's Register available to him from 'Google' books, thru 1889/90 - see left. Ferret, a steamship engaged in the Port Adelaide-Spencer Gulf trade, saw Ethel & reported her situation to a nearby lighthouse keeper. One of her anchors is today exhibited on the cliffs above the beach. There were many ships named Ethel, indeed another vessel of the name was built at Sunderland by Pile. Ord & Co., of Sunderland, to trade with South America. And in 1874/75 Lloyd's Register, the owner is recorded as being G. The main Austin yard would however seem to have been just a short distance away, on the same bank & a little closer to the sea. Names of just a few of the vessels constructed by 'Austin' of Sunderland - added as I happen to spot references to them. A sign at the site today, shown here (& in the image strip above), in an Alan Collie image, advises us that the pontoon was towed half way around the world to a shipyard in Hong Kong a year or so after the 'Austin' ship building yard was closed. Now it is really not for the webmaster to criticise from afar re such matters, but the sign looks to my eye to be have been 'low budget' - a more distinguished sign, perhaps illustrating the pontoon, might better have been commissioned in the first place to commemorate such a significant part of the city's history.

Another site page offers literature published by 'Austin', photographs etc. They surely will now need further revision to incorporate data published in 'A & P News', the employee magazine of Austin & Pickersgill Limited, specifically in issue No. Alan Vickers has kindly provided scans of two pages from that issue, a two-page spread about the history of the collective 'Austin', derived from the manuscripts of James W. The reference to 'Mills' is apparently to George and John Mills. The 'old slipway', which I presume means the one built in 1846, 'together with rails, cogs, cods, and cradles was taken up and shipped to a buyer in Helsingfors'.

The boats were ordered out & a gig with all the ship's papers was swamped & lost.

22, 1875, the vessel struck three times on a reef to the westward of Dog Island, maybe at West Cay. The pumps were manned but the vessel had 2 feet of water 'in the well' which rapidly became 6 feet.

The sign is affixed, I believe, to the railing that is visible at dock side. Of 'Austin' workers walking up to the bridge in the early 1950s.

The vessel would seem to have traded initially to India & later to Japan. Nilsen' chosen to change the name of the vessel or had sold it.

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