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Zoorasty is the technical term for sexual intercours with animals.

Modern society is generally hostile to the concept of animal/human sexuality.

In sexology, psychology and popular use, it has a variety of meanings, revolving around affinity, affection, or erotic attraction between a human being, and a (non-human) animal.

It can refer to either the general emotional-erotic attraction to animals, or (less commonly) to the specific psychological paraphilia of the same name.

There is presently considerable debate in psychology over whether certain aspects of zoophilia are better understood as an aberration or as a sexual orientation.

The extent to which zoophilia occurs is not known with any certainty, largely because feelings which may not have been acted upon can be difficult to quantify, lack of clear divide between non-sexual zoophilia and everyday pet care, and reluctance by most zoophiles to disclose their feelings due to fear of both social and legal persecution.

Instead most research into zoophilia has focused on its characteristics, rather than quantifying it.

Might pick her another time but only if I get BBBJ.

There’s something about her that i found extremely attractive.

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