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That guy ended up stalking me to my work, he would costantly ask the mutual friend where i was, or what I was up to. I had to block his number due to the absurd amount of texts I got. End of the story being I had to cut ties with him, delete my tagged account, block him from my email, and block both his numbers.Also had to Alert my work I was being stalked by this creep for nearly two months. Filled with lots of men especially black men post weed,guns,men expose private parts tagged does nothing.

You try to be worth the most, have the most money and most assets.What decent woman flirts with or hooks up with a guy that's has "in a relationship", "married" or even "complicated" on his profile? My 4yr relationship ended today because he cheated with the Tagged hoes & I found out. & may they all get what's coming to them, times 10. uid=5998998247 Full of fake ass females begging for money, food, drugs, selling themselves, lying, playing mind games, thirsty asf. These rude ass biotches want a man that will spoil them with gifts and luxuries they have never seen before.I wish them no harm just heartache, pain & regret to make them wish they weren't here anymore.. Now, I just paid VIP to be able to send msgs to the (fake? What happened then: I immediately got a message that I´m suspended... This is the web page I was send by this nice man who googled my photos and found out this was a scam. uid=5998998247 I am happily married and never ever had any profiles on dating sites... If you watch porn you will even find some of these women being $#*! They want to milk every little dime out of for all you're worth.The worst women in the world all seem to gather on this site.They post over and over how they're hungry and want food or need a ride.

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In the terms of agreement, you agree not to stalk anyone or harass anyone.

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