Taylor armstrong dating matt nordgren

On the romance front, the athlete-turned-actor has dabbled in his share of reality TV hook-ups, with links to .The show, which followed a group of young, attractive and moderately-successful friends in Dallas, only lasted for one season.

She's going through about the toughest thing anybody could go through in life.OK, so Matt only threw a total of 14 passes in his entire collegiate career. Matt spent a season in the NFL as a backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles — until an injury cut his career short. Case in point: Matt also dated Audrina Patridge — of fame — in early 2010. (Details, details.) But when you’re on the same team as future NFL quarterbacks like Vince Young and Colt Mc Coy, it ain’t easy to get the spotlight, people. We can’t imagine what Audrina and Matt had to talk about, but we doubt Matt was dating her for the conversation (i.e. For those of you who didn't catch Bravo's one season wonder about singles living it up in Dallas, here's some info about the new guy in Li Lo's life.1. (That is, unless you want Jake to start crying again.) Rumor has it that Matt started going on dates with Vienna Girardi from around the end of summer 2010, not long after Vienna and Jake had announced their thorny breakup. Matt told Page Six that he met Lindsay seven years ago, through a mutual friend.6. Matt played quarterback for the University of Texas and was a member of the team when they won a national championship over USC in 2005. Looks like Vienna has a pretty specific type: Dreamy, athletic Texans with TV aspirations! Does this guy think that reality stars are the only datable celebrities out there? He was also romantically linked to Taylor Armstrong, though she denied the rumors.

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Taylor Armstrong is blasting reports she's dating fellow Bravo reality star Matt Nordgren.

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