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In a more expansive way, Ethan Kross and his colleagues demonstrated the complexity of this connection in an experiment that used MRI scanning to see what areas of the brain lit up when individuals who’d recently experienced being left by a lover viewed a photograph of their ex, and when a noxious amount of heat was applied to the forearm. This is how she thinks it shaped her: "I’m very critical of myself and overly sensitive.I have a very poor, almost dysmorphic self-image even though I’ve accomplished a great deal.Studies show that various parts of the brain are affected by a hostile situation, among them the corpus callosum (the conduit for transferring motor, sensory, and cognitive information between the brain’s two hemisphere); the hippocampus (part of the limbic system that regulates emotion); and the frontal cortex (controls thought and decision making).

The evolutionary reasons for this are pretty clear—we store such information in a part of the brain that makes it much more accessible.

"I didn’t know that the way my mother talked to me wasn’t the way other mothers talked to their daughters.

I was an only child, and her constant criticism and putting me down made me feel terrible about myself, and it made me double my efforts to please her.

The Close Connection Between Physical and Emotional Pain It’s clear that humans have long intuited that there's a connection between physical and emotional pain; it’s reflected in our language.

We describe our hearts as being broken, we say we are emotionally bruised or cut to the quick.

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