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If that’s not as strong as it could be (and for our age group, it typically isn’t), back it up with relevant coursework.

About a year of that was working as a waiter, during which I was serving a couple hundred people a day and sometimes up to four or five hundred on the weekend.One of the greatest issues I’ve run into has been that of applicants spending the entirety of the interview trying to convince me that they meet the basic requirements of the position as listed in the ad online.You’re going to need to understand this: if you’ve gotten to the interview, it’s already understood that you’re qualified.Family, personal goals, hobbies – we tend to dredge up everything that’s useless to us and the employer alike in an interview situation.Those of us who are aware that we’re supposed to keep the content related to our professional lives will often spout out something along the lines of “I’m a hard-working, self-motivated, punctual team player who can also work well individually.” Believe me – that’s just as bad.

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The employer wouldn’t be taking time out of their day to sit down with you if they didn’t assume you already met the basic requirements, and it’s “basic” that’s the key word here.

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