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He starts to look around his room, as he turns his head he sees the poster on his wall.

The dogs are quiet and he’s lying on his bed zoned out.

She sighs and looks down at the bottom drawer of her dresser, then she looks back up at him and says “I’ve got an idea.” She turns over and slides of the bed, walks over to her drawer and tells him to close his eyes.

Jake is sitting on the bed with his eyes closed and he hears her tell him to roll over.

” “Don’t be shy, come over here to momma” She put the cigarette into the ash tray on her night stand and rolled onto her back to get ready for her son.

Jake walked over to her on the bed, he was already hard again.

As he is lying on his stomach, he feels his mom rubbing the back of his thighs and up to his ass. ” Confused and kind of anxious to see what she’ll do next he says no.

It felt like it was a moment straight from one of his fantasies about his mom.She was lying out on her bed almost completely naked, wearing nothing but a frilly lace push up bra and an extremely small thong just barely big enough to cover her little patch of bush.She took a hit from her cigarette and blew it out and said “What do you think baby?He hears the door creek open and decides to ignore it thinking its nothing, and then he smells the smoke from her cigarette. ” She looks at him, but not in a disgusted way, all of a sudden she find herself overcome with arousal. Momma doesn’t care” “You don’t have to cover yourself” “But mom” “No buts, its fine.His eyes open to find his mom standing in his door way in her bra and a skirt that she hasn’t changed out of yet. Let mommy see what your doing” Jake slowly removes the pillow to reveal his massive erection, hot and throbbing.

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