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think about how much I could improve investing 30 hours in myself Keep in mind, this is with a highly highly optimized profile pic and other pics with a 5-10% match rate.

If I had used average looking pics it would be much much less.

v=Kv-9Bd53wjw&feature=em-upload_owner I will preface this topic by saying that the show will definitely be back in 2015, thanks to the 500 Super P1 subscribers. I have cars to build, races to win, places to travel, things to do.

Let’s say you’re trying to pick up this chick at a bar or some place. Pull out a piece of paper from your jeans, scribble your number onto it, and walk off into your glory strut. Instead of dropping it onto a that napkin under your beer or an “impressive” premium business card (real d-bag move in a girls eyes), why not REALLY let them them know your rich? Overseas will be about the same, because I'm never going to marry again.I haven't given up on dating, it's just dropped right down my list of priorities.

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