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I don't understand what's wrong with it whether on pursuits for romantic relationships or just plain friendship.Mind you, these girls I've been trying to court is within my age range, and they are not too young.At 23, dating young is complicated by that pesky “college” business.Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled you’re educating yourself; I just think it might be hard to date you right now. I buy vegetables and change my sheets on a reasonably regular basis.At 21, we’re at the statistical height of our appeal, desirable to men of all ages, sought after, and buried under a barrage of adoring messages. At 26, men suddenly win the numerical upper hand and after 30, well… You could remove the gendered notation and make it more politically correct, but a mathematical equation is hardly the best way to measure compatibility.

I’m occupied by learning how to take care of myself, metaphorically and literally, and it’s frequently epically self-indulgent. Each and every one of those relationships began somehow, and chances are one or both partners wondered if the age gap was too much to bridge.

Sometimes, age is nothing but a number in a relationship and other times, it can be so much more.

Some celebrity couples have managed to have a happy relationship for years even despite the huge age gap between them, while others have cited their age difference as the reason for their demise.

I'm 24, dating a guy who is 22 and looks really young (he gets ID'd all the time when we go out, it's quite funny).

But he is actually really mature, intelligent, and charming, and good looking despite looking young, and dresses well - and it has never been an issue (as long as he remembers his ID).

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I’m not sure we’re on the same wavelength just yet.

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