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This Crochet Pansy pattern has been adapted from a piece of crochet lace my great-grandma made in the ’50s.Working on it has brought back so many memories of her.I interrogated my grandma to find out who the lefty was. But she did tell me that all the crochetery was done by my great-grandma (Dalina), and her two sisters (Hanna and Aunty Dollie).I’ve told you about Aunty Dollie before (see my Aunty Dollie Bag).Some of the crochet pieces might even have been done by their mother, Ouma Hoekoe, so-called because she came from Hoekoe. The South-Africans among you might know that Hoekoe is the name of the valley where CJ Langenhoven was born in 1873.

She then went to live with my great-grandma on our family farm, which I spoke about a little bit when I did the photo tutorial for Aurora Suominen’s Autumn Clusters a few weeks ago.For a few short hours, it felt like we were communicating across the years.The most “intimate moments”, for lack of a better word, were when I noticed some little error in the work or a change in tension.He was sitting in parliament one day, getting increasingly annoyed at everyone.All of a sudden he stood up and said: “Half of you are donkeys!

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He was lovingly called Sagmoedige Neelsie (Gentle Neelsie).

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