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Both blacks and whites from rural areas were attracted to the city for its new work opportunities. Pipe announced that it would be building a new -million foundry near the current plant. Pipe is the largest domestic producer of Ductile Iron pipe in sizes 4 inch through 64 inch.Gradually African Americans moved into industrial jobs and became part of integrated unions; such jobs enabled many working-class families to enjoy middle-class incomes. Pipe and Foundry ductile pipe plant on the city's north side. The site was selected, among other reasons, for having available space for potential future expansions. The city was once home to a large railroad car manufacturing factory, operated by Pullman Standard for many decades and later by Trinity Industries.A satellite Jefferson County courthouse is located in downtown Bessemer.

Iron ore was mined on the hills on the city's southeast side, coal was (and still is) mined to the north and west, and limestone deposits were also nearby.

Bessemer has since been surpassed in size by Birmingham suburbs such as Hoover.

But Bessemer retains the branch county courthouse to this day.

By 1911, ore mining, iron smelting, and the manufacture of iron and coke were the chief industries of Bessemer.

Truck farming was also an important industry, dating from the area's agricultural past.

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