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I too thought that my system meets the requirements, but probably at a minimum level.Download Emachines t3256 t3265 Motherboard Drivers. Download Ethernet/LAN, Audio, Drivers For t3256 t3265 Motherboard. View the site link below if you want to download Motherboard latest Drivers. Cindy Wells Many Programs will not allow you to uninstall from control panel, search for the actual program files the best way to do this is to go to computer click on on your hard drive click on program files then look for iconomise then enter the folder and look for a uninstalled in the folder, when you find it simply right click on it and choose run as administrator and that should get rid of it...:) my first thought is activation is broken, restart pc in safe mode (google how to do this), if you are able to log into safe mode under 'your' name, then it's fixable, if not and you can log in under 'administrator', then your user account is corrupt, need to make a new one.The process to update your BIOS, however, is generally the same.BIOS versions can differ from one to the other, though rarely by much.Are any of the other games that play fine more graphicly intensive than that one?To Rainstryke & msjohnsn - I haven't re-installed (yet), I did see some posts in lego forums about how the game may not load completely, so I'll have to check that.

After all, PC performance is often unaffected by your BIOS version. When confronted with issues, most PC users will try everything in the book without realizing their issues stem from an outdated BIOS. An outdated BIOS may limit PC performance, lower PC stability, debilitate overclock settings, and remain incompatible with certain devices.The general recommendation is: you’re fine, until you start noticing hardware compatibility issues.It also dictates boot devices, CPU boost software, overclock settings, and several other parameters.It’s also responsible for testing your hardware components, like the hard drive and GPU, through a sequence called POST (Power-On Self-Test).

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Most are familiar with the BIOS through issues associated with hardware connection.

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