Updating packages with xfce in slackware

It's not particularly modern feeling, but it's stable, solid, and manages the heavy lifting of server applications with ease.

If you are looking for a more desktop oriented distribution with a wider variety of recent packages, that is lightweight yet still able to do server related tasks, think Zenwalk.

In past versions, though, Netpkg worked reasonably well, and made installing, updating, and maintaining packages on this Slack-like system fairly painless. 14, 2009I put Zenwalk on an older Dell Optiplex 800Mhz PIII system with 256MB of ram and two small (root 2.4GB and and extra 1.5 GB for a bit of storage) drives. Its a great choice for building an inexpensive Linux desktop even on older systems.

As of Zenwalk 5.2, Netpkg has gotten a facelift, and some feature enhancements. One point: Zenwalk's not a "distro", but a "GNU/Linux operating system". Would use all day long if there weren't work-related reasons (apps) to run some OSX, some XP. I don't get why to use anything else with Zenwalk that XFCE (my needs are so modest). No matter what I did it seems that none of those big ones comes to me as Zenwalk does. 30, 2009I have only one thing to say Zenwalk rocks people don't belive but i have tested more then 60 Linux version's and found Zenwalk is the best try it coz its worth.. I put the whole thing together from used parts and it cost me only . A newbie could have it up and running in half an hour. 0 Votes Share Your Comments If you are a member, Sign in to have your comment attributed to you.

There is an autopartitioning module, which makes the process easier (but it requires that the entire disk is reformatted and used for installation).

Installations are fast, and I am always appreciative of the ability to choose services to start automatically at boot.

I always read these lists, and wonder why Zenwalk is rarely mentioned.

Perhaps it isn't for brand new users, but it's a great distribution that is overlooked far too often.

Some distributions are consistently left off these lists, seemingly regardless of whether they are a better fit than the usual candidates.A downside to Slackware, for desktop purposes in particular, is the package management system (or, some would say, lack thereof).There is a package install/remove function, and there are front ends to it (utilities like swaret and slaptget).Previously, Zenwalk would ask whether it should start in a graphical mode, or with a terminal.This is no longer the case and both "versions" of Zenwalk (Zenwalk traditionally features the XFCE desktop environment, but an alternative GNOME version was recently released) boot to the GDM login screen.

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Does modular design and aufs will remove files that exists in old package after upgrade to new package?

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