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This way, you are much less prone to miss new configuration options or transfer any incompatible settings from one version to the next.That said, when upgrading between minor versions (e.g., within the 1.4 release series as in this example), copying your configuration files from the old installation to the new one should be perfectly acceptable.It is suggested that you download new versions of your plugins at the same time you download your Squirrel Mail installation, and that you install your plugins fresh (it's easy, don't panic! PLEASE NOTE: You should not try to replace plugins that are already included in the Squirrel Mail package.Sometimes third party plugins are brought into the Squirrel Mail core, so take a peek at your new installation's plugins directory to see what is already there.There are several ways to customize the Squirrel Mail installation.For instructions on how to create a custom Squirrel Mail tarball, read the Squirrel Mail documentation.A common reason is to take advantage of the latest security fixes.This document is written for Mac OS X 10.4.x/10.5.x. Be aware though that no particular testing of this procedure has been done on 10.3.x.

The Squirrel Mail Team is pleased to announce the release of Squirrel Mail version 1.4.22.

It's been nine and a half years since Squirrel Mail was the Source Forge Project Of The Month, and we have again been nominated for that privilege.

We're up against some really great software, so if you'd like to vote, see Update: Squirrel Mail took third place by a narrow margin, which is very respectable considering the quality projects that were nominated.

Query: CREATE "Trash" Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name.", you will need to correct the user preference values for the problem folders.

You can do so with commands such as the following for file-based preferences (adjust the data directory location as needed): find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *-exec sed --in-place 's/trash_folder=Trash/trash_folder=INBOX.

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