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These programs are used to send or retrieve parameters/configurations, change station names, change IP addresses, and to send commands to a Q330.Important note: To program a Upgrading Q330 firmware is done with the program Willard.The lively interchange on topics from business rates and how to influence them to how to placate parents anxious about soaring temperatures brought the working day to an end.

The Q330 is housed in a sealed aluminum enclosure which makes it highly resistant to the environment.

Due to its complexity and ability to control every aspect of a Q330, it is very easy to make a severe mistake which would make the Q330 not function as intended.

We highly recommend that only experienced users of Willard program Q330 parameters.

To keep them separated, they must be stored in separate folders. Open the Windows control panel by pushing start button and then Settings and Control Panel.

Willard: Power up the Q330 and connect it to computer via console cable. Look under Ports (COM & LPT) to find the available com port numbers. Quanterra Q330 Q330's are typically used for broadband standalone and telemetered real-time data recording.

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