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EXE, Std In is used,' otherwise the VBScript Input Box( ) function is used.' my Prompt is the the text used to prompt the user for input.' The function returns the input typed either on Std In or in Input Box( ).' Written by Rob van der Woude' Check if the script runs in CSCRIPT. ps: the username, domain and password are tested as such. If you can succeed in testing it, I will give you a method to deal with the password. XMLDOM")obj XMLDoc.async = Falseobj XMLDoc.load("Unattendedx86.xml")obj Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Image Name") plot = Elem List.item(0). Echo plotstr Input = User Input( "Nieuwe image naam:" )WScript. Then I can test whether the xml file actually works with the changes made (xmlns:wcm="uri:wcm-unidentified)Edit the first line FIRST.

If you use your real data, there can have a small chance to make it ill-formed again. Echo "Nieuwe imagenaam in XML: " & str Input Elem List.item(0).text=str Input'Tweede variable Set Elem List = obj Elements By Tag Name("Filename")plot2 = Elem List.item(0).

Select Single Node("/catalog/book[0]/title") Title Node. Text = "I am the new Title Here" 'Update attribute of a Node Set o Attribute = o XMLFile.

Select Single Node("/catalog/book[0]/@id") o Attribute. Text = "1111111111111111111111111111" 'Add a new node under existing node ' select a parent node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile. Append Child (child Node) 'Add new Attribute to the Node Set Parent Node = o XMLFile.

Also another alternative is As I understand you need to add/delete/update the xml file. After that i want to be able to read every text ( see xml file) to buid an text file like this: The Distinguished Gentleman; Her Alibi; Other People's Money I personally would use xsd to generate the stub classes for your XML fragment, then use the XMLSerializer class to serialise and deserialise the data back and forth.

A simple way is to load xml into Data Set then bind the Data Set to Grid View so you can edit XML files using Grid View. Once you get the stubs, then its actually a very neat way of doing it. id=53 I would download the source code as the HTML formatting is a little skew on that site.

Select Single Node(“/catalog/book[1]”) ‘ add a new child Node Set child Node = o XMLFile. Select Single Node(“/catalog /book[2]/publish_date”) ‘ add its attribute Set new Child Attribute = o XMLFile. Select Nodes("/catalog/book/price/text()") 'Update Single Parent Node Set Title Node = o XMLFile.

Preferable through a popup where the input (new value) is typed in. This is what I have found, but not working..'Define what our new value will be and place it into a variables Value = "Testvalue"'Get path of script, (scriptfullname), then replace the scriptname with nothing bring us only the path and place it into str Script Pathstr Script Path = replace(wscript.scriptfullname,wscript.scriptname,"")'Create XMLDoc object Set xml Doc = Create Object("Microsoft.

XMLDOM")'load up the XML file and place it into xmldocxml str Script Path & "config.xml"'Select the node we want to edit'The text IS case sensitive Set s Inbox Folder = xml Doc.selectsinglenode ("registration")'Show the current value in Fax In Boxmsgbox s Inbox Folder.text'Set the text node with the new values Inbox = s Value'Save the xml document with the new settings.i Result = xmldoc.save(str Script Path & "config.xml")'You can use the i Result as a way to determine if the file gets saved correctly or not ('0=yes', '1=no')Set obj XMLDoc = Create Object("Microsoft.

The updategram adds an order detail item in the Sales. The updategram includes nested elements: an This example illustrates how updategrams use the IDREFS attributes in the mapping schema to update records in multiple tables.

For this example, assume that the database consists of the following tables: Whenever you specify this schema in an updategram and insert a record in the Course table, the updategram inserts a new course record in the Course table.

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If you were to add the Last Name value to this block, the updategram would use both the Contact ID and Last Name values to search. For this table, Sales Order ID is an IDENTITY-type column.

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