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The function works fine with a form that contains multiple radio buttons but the value is undefned when there's just a single radio button. radio will not create length property if you only one radio. I have written a script for submitting my form via this.maildoc.It pulls the data entered into fields to dynamically generate the email subject, etc.. This text does not have an ID associated with it... I'm glad you found your solution :) For your information, the reason why you couldn't get the control's ID for validation using Java Script is because Literal Controls just print pure text.","welcome Message":"All current users can sign in using their existing email & password.

I'm using the function below to validate if a radio button has been checked.

.success_msg .iva-nav .iva-nav span .iva-nav:before .iva-nav:after .iva-nav:hover:before .iva-nav:hover:after .fancy-heading-s1 .fancy-heading-s2 .fancy-title .cfar-s1 .cfar-heading *:focus .cfar-s1 .cfar-s1 .fancy-title span .cfar-s1 .fancy-title span:after .cfar-s1 .fancy-title span:last-child:after .cfar-s1 .fancy-heading-s2 h2 .cfar-s1 .fancy-heading-s2 h2 span .cfar-s1 form .detail .detail input,.detail textarea,.detail select option .detail textarea .detail label .detail .input Bar .detail input:focus:after,.detail textarea:foucs:after,.detail select:focus:after, .detail .input Bar:focus:before, .detail .input Bar:focus:after .detail .input Bar:after .detail .input Bar:before .detail input:focus ~ label, .detail input:valid ~ label, .detail textarea:focus ~ label, .detail textarea:valid ~ label .detail input:focus ~ .input Bar:before, .detail input:focus ~ .input Bar:after, .detail textarea:focus ~ .input Bar:before, .detail textarea:focus ~ .input Bar:after .detail select:focus ~ .input Bar:before, .detail select:focus ~ .input Bar:after .detail .answer /* custom css*/ span.error .error_show input:focus input[type=number]::-webkit-inner-spin-button, input[type=number]::-webkit-outer-spin-button /*------------------------------------------------------------- contact form style 1 -------------------------------------------------------------- */ .cfar-s1 .detail input,.cfar-s1 .detail textarea,.cfar-s1 .detail select .cfar-s1 .detail .input Bar .cfar-s1 .detail .input Bar:before .cfar-s1 .detail input:focus ~ .input Bar:before, .cfar-s1 .detail textarea:focus ~ .input Bar:before .cfar-s1 .detail label .message .btn-container .btn-container The problem is that you're validating all checkboxes and radiobuttons individually, while it's pretty obvious that you consider them together: the validity of 1 radiobutton depends on the checked-property of another radiobutton.

In order to fix this, you need to create a validation function that counts all radiobuttons that belong together, and count the checked-property to be 1.

Note the following: The DC release supports RSA-PSS Signing on Windows (April, 2017) and Macintosh (August 2017).

RSA-PSS is a new signature scheme that is based on the RSA cryptosystem and provides increased security assurance.

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A simple loop is constructed to check each radio button selection for a value of true or false.

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