Virgo and dating

He may call you the day after a date, just to chat, but that doesn’t mean he is head over heels in love.

Falling in love and opening up his sensitive soul to the possibility of pain is not something Virgo does easily.

If you have bad habits, he will try to help you lose them and he is not judgmental so don’t try to hide your weaknesses.

The most important thing is to be patient and understanding.Getting mixed signals, or getting what you interpret as mixed signals, is a common experience when dating a Virgo man.He will call when he wants to, so he won’t keep a mysterious silence for two or three days just to be cool or not appear too eager.If you can be honest and open, a Virgo man is a refreshing and supportive partner for life.Virgo men are not comfortable with emotional expression.

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They make wonderful partners to women who are able to let go of their traditional expectations of how romance unfolds.

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