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Here is an example of a successful dating: Submit your calculations from Activity 1, and a screen shot of all samples correctly dates from Activity 2 electronically on Blackboard or bring them to class.* Briefly play with the app, learning the drag-and-drop components * Follow the instructions. * Accurately answer questions in complete sentences, at a high school level.The demonstration usually takes approximately 5-10 minutes depending on how long it takes to count the students.

The rate at which the electrons move is called current. – By right clicking on the resistors, change the values of the resistors, making one very high and one very low and visa versa.It is a great way to introduce or reinforce the concepts involved in radioactive decay.You will need enough coins (I use pennies) for each person in the class, some sort of graph paper printed on an overhead, an overhead projector and a pen for the overhead.Predict an Answer: Analyze Results: Make a graph of the data. How many trials did it take for half of the pennies to have come up heads?Along the side, record the number of tails remaining, along the bottm record the trial numbers. When half of the original 100 pennies had come up heads and there were approximately 50 pennies in the cup.

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If you flip a penny, what are the two ways the penny can land?

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