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"mmm yes, honey im going to cum " i started thrusting quicker and quicker, she started shaking her legs wrapped around me and she grinded her pussy against my cock, i could feel the stream's of her cum going through my shorts and wrapping around my cock. We kept walking up the stairs, my mom turned and as quick as lightning she pulled her bakini up, my mom looked forward again i waved my finger in front of my aunts face then brought it back to my mouth and i licked it up and down, my aunts eyes glued to me the whole time with a smirk on her face.

I was about to stuff my huge hard cock into her tight wet pussy when she blocked me and pushed my cock away with her hand.

I got down and she had one strip of pubes, i followed the trail and got to her pussy. " "i do " my aunt said, she swam over looking tired and got a lemonade. " she asked me "no thanks " "okay im coming in " my mom jumped in and gave me a hug, i hugged her back and she went off swimming. " We all got out and got a towel, i dried myself off and followed my mom and aunt inside, my aunt turned around and saw that i was behind her, she pulled the bottom of her bakini down revealing her ass.

"carefull i fragile " "oh ill be carefull" i started rubbing her pussy lips, " yea mmmmm" she moaned quietly in my ear, i put a finger inside of her and she jumped, i then slid two inside and she started rolling her eyes. I put my finger down the crack of her ass and felt her asshole.

She slid by me, my cock hitting each of her asscheeks. I walked downstairs, my mom was out there tanning on one of the chairs.

I jumped in the pool near her spraying her with water. , you got me wet " she giggled "yea i did " i swam some laps back and fourth.

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