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Scanning the bar code presents verified information such as name and ID number.

Users can also apply for a black-and-white ID card instantly in We Chat, but this has more limited acceptance as it does not undergo physical verification at government-appointed agencies.

Next, applicants must bring their physical ID cards in person to complete authentication at a Weijing Authentication terminal machine.

There are dozens of self-service authentication machines scattered throughout Guangzhou city, mostly in government-designated administrative service centres open to residents.

The We Chat ID card can replace the physical ID cards for purposes such as hotel registration, ticketing, bank services, and delivery services, where real-name authentication is required, according to the government.

Currently, We Chat users are able to get two versions of the digital ID card.

The colour ID card requires the applicant to undergo authentication at government-designated service points and is accepted at government departments via a QR bar code that is stored in the smartphone app.

But first, we need that mobile data – an absolute essential, second only to a smartphone.

“Later you can just top it up online,” the salesman adds.

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