What episode does seth and summer start dating

She was super impressed with him and Tomika convinced her to ask him out but Summer still had to get his hopes up.

In the halfway of the episode, Summer flirted with Freddy but the attempt failed.

When Freddy ended up going to Principal Mullins for dying his hair, Summer seems worried and says "NO!

In Money (That's What I Want), Summer dumps her mini-purse full of cents on his desk when he says he will charge people watching his skateboarding tricks.

Tomika took the spot of lead singer after Summer convinced her but as they hugged, Mr.

Finn had heard the girl's conversation and made Summer the cowbell player and told her she needed to stand right next to the drummer (Freddy).

This brief appearance of him sleeping was his only role for this specific episode, though.

However, this switches in Total Eclipse of the Heart, when Freddy realizes that he and Summer have similar interests and starts to develop feelings for her.

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