What not to do when first dating

The point is, this is not a time to demonstrate how comfortable you are with your own body, it’s a time to focus on the other person (and hopefully not gross them away from your life).This advice should be obvious, nevertheless some people have gone on dates after a booze session without knowing how risky that may be.You want to have a sharp mind on your first date and it only takes one drink for that edge to disappear.Charm your date with your witty humor and not your witless lack of alcohol control.This should be an obvious advice but don’t talk about sex on the first date (unless that’s what you are solely looking for). Therefore you should treat someone else’s time with the utmost respect.If you are looking for a long lasting relationship, you have to start building it on a solid foundation and sex is not that foundation. Being late to your first date (or anything else for that matter) is a blatant disrespect.Garlic is probably the worst when it comes to making your mouth stink but the principle is the same with anything you put in your mouth; you want your mouth to smell good.Remember, you’re going to be doing a lot of talking and listening (unless it’s a bad date…in which case a stinky mouth may come in handy). You will probably be nervous, which means you are more likely to make clumsy mistakes.

For example, spaghetti is probably too messy (any sauce flinging pastas tend to be).

To help you out, here are 25 things not to do on your first date.

Be careful not to do things such as belching or picking your nose when you are in front of your date. that’s just gross and B)…that’s just gross (redundancy is intentional).

Come over too aloof Oh, but it’s a fine line we first daters must tread.

Going on a date can be nerve wracking yet exciting (especially if it’s your first one).

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