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When a woman finally has a heart attack after reading something I’ve written, I’m going to start calling myself Buddha. They know they’re prone to emotion and anger, and they know they’re all whores. If I get a free steak at Morton’s because I told them I was Tom Selleck — which would be easy to do because I also have a manmazing mustache, I would go to jail for fraud.

That’s why they get so goddamn upset when I say it. That’s why car leases expire in 16 months instead of 12. Every woman who’s ever gotten a promotion in any business, got there because of fraud.

Here a young pretty girl meets a neighbor with a really big boner. His third leg is looking for adventure and variety. So you have a chance to experiment with this kind of life. Babysitting is not a bad thing, it may be quite enjoyable for genitals.

See that sex desires are alive even if somebody is cheating. Today you may fuck a busty babe, she wants you and ready to lick your cock... Her blond hair, big tits and always ready pussy call your tentacles to fuck.

I have received well over a thousand supportive emails from women over the last 48 hours.

Unsurprisingly to me, the topic they’re the most encouraging about is my comment on whores and all women being them. Keep in mind that I consider female anger to be the weather vane of truth and wisdom. Women know themselves almost as well as I know them.

Imagine a movie that featured you kicking Hitler’s balls so hard, you traveled back in time and fucked Heidi Klum the day before her 18th birthday.

That’s basically the film Pretty Woman: every woman’s ultimate fantasy.

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