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Across the road in Saint Mary's Park, tea-lights that spelled out the Pearson name lit up the dark street.

Led by Reverend Alan Kennedy, the vigil - where songs were sung and the Lords prayer recited - begun shortly after the crowds came together.

Since Klavan was raised as a secular Jew, you might wonder how he came to learn about Christianity. He had a nanny he dearly loved, Mina, and she was a Christian.

She didn’t try to teach him about Jesus, but she did have him over to her house during Christmas. However, as he writes in Chapter 4: In the end, as I considered my conversion, I thought: No.

That’s a remarkable change, and it requires a lot of backstory. After a brief introduction, Klavan discusses his childhood.

Both his mother and his father were Jewish, but he actually describes his mother as anti-semitic.

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With the police cordon still in place, local residents shuffled through to peacefully lay their tributes.

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