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How to deal with a dude who won’t stop staring at your boobs.

is an actress, known for 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Guy Code vs. She's just as fiery during her unmissable stand-up shows as she is on TV, treating fans to her trademark colorful hair and heavy Long Island accent while she pokes fun at everything from fashion flubs and dating disasters to musings about growing up in an Italian household with two older brothers.

Matt also won The New York Comedy Festival’s New York’s Funniest competition, which will air on the NBC platform Seeso.

He has toured the country performing his stand-up with "Comedy's Best Kept Secret Tour" and colleges all along the East Coast.

They talk about everything from farting to masturbating to dating to bisexual feelings to penises and so much more. How to get over your ex: Sometimes maybe think about what you’re going to say before you say it.

So, since I love the show so much, I figured I’d give you guys a peek into what they talk about.

Carly says the idea intrigues her, but Nessa insists that she's gone down that path before and it was nothing but constant partying, cheap Christmas gifts and lactose intolerance.

Plan B One-Step insists that life doesn't always have to be complicated.

It’s completely normal to be attracted to other girls, even if you’re straight. Don’t date someone just to have a boyfriend or girlfriend – date them because you LIKE them.

After being in a relationship for four years, it seemed as though Chris Distefano and his girlfriend could not take it any longer.

Doubts arose in about the longevity of their relationship when Comedian, Chris, and his girlfriend were seen cheering in a video of a pregnancy test that revealed not pregnant.

Was the video an early sign of break up or are they still together rejoicing their love life? Chris Distefano, age 33, was in a dating relationship with twenty-seven-year-old American stand-up comedian Carly Aquilino.

The pair first met in 2010 while auditioning for the MTV show ) Meanwhile, in 2013, Chris and Carly were seen celebrating a negative pregnancy test result. The couple were not spotted together and had seemingly ditched each other on social media too.

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